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How to secure a student visa for Italy

"Italy Student Visa"

Do you want to experience a study abroad adventure in Italy but you’re concerned about the visa process? Why choose Italy? Apart from the country’s reputation for mouthwatering pasta and pizza, why do so many international students choose to expand ...

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UK higher education under pressure

"Study Abroad in Australia"

UK Higher Education: After first easing controls on student head counts in 2012, the government moved to eliminate caps on undergraduate student numbers for English universities in 2015. The idea was to open up access for students and to allow for greater ...

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Top 25 Business Schools in Asia-Pacific

"MBA Business School"

Business Schools: It’s undeniable that a graduate business degree can be a major boost to your career prospects and future earning potential. But where that qualification comes from can make all the difference. Financial Times has released its annual ranking of the top 25 business ...

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