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Disease of Package, destroying our potentiality in a sense.

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"Feroz E M Iqbal"Feroz E M Iqbal: Doing package, we are contributing in the human trafficking undoubtedly.

Education consultancy is a noble profession in Bangladesh. It is really not a matter of joke to be a true consultant. Lets see what are needed to have to be a true consultant.

1. Highly educated.
2. Depth of knowledge.
3. High Skill of English proficiency.
4. Intellectuality.
5. Convincing Power.
6. Smartness.

If we concentrate on some other professions different from ours, we will see that no businessman requires to have so many characteristics for doing business. But unfortunately, we consultants do not honor ourselves.

"Canada Student Visa"

The students come to us with a proposal of doing package and we accept them cordially. But we are not thinking twice, the students who are looking for so called package are not potential in anyway. Why the consultants will pay the application fees as well as the embassy fees favoring students? Why the consultants will pay the travel expenses to go and come from India for attending the concerned High Commission that is not available in Bangladesh?

If you go through an assessment, you will find that those who are looking for so called packages do not have sound academic results as well as good IELTS score. They are afraid to sit for skype interview and like to skip the interview session with the embassy if possible. It makes me laugh and the mockery reaches to its climax once they ask for visa confirmation from the consultants. Please bear in mind that the consultants are not embassies and do not issue the visa, they only can help you with their knowledge and professionalism in making your way of destination for higher education easy, smooth and comfortable.

Non potential students do not have much knowledge on the process of going abroad. Even they do not try to know bit through Google once at the same time a good number of Bangladeshi potential students process their files for their higher education in abroad (Except Australia) themselves every single year. They are not even ready to forward their tuition fees to the university account through the banking channel. We, the consults don’t be surprised once the students ask us whether the tuition fees have to be sent before or after visa. Please note that world has changed and the tradition also has already been changed to pay your tuition fees after visa. Still students feel comfortable to pay tuition fees to someone or some organization in cash whatever after or before visa. I don’t know, why the banks could not be their trusted partners in paying and getting refund of their tuition fees accordingly?

This is the time to break the chain and also high time for us (the consultants) to say “NO” to the so called package seekers. We have to develop ourselves and we have to regenerate ourselves breaking the old format. If we, the consultants learn to say “NO” to the package seekers, this package disease will lose its existence within the shortest period of time, otherwise it will spread out like “CORONA VIRUS” and thrash us to the end.

We, the consultancy firms are not merely the consultants rather working on the career development of the potential students, contributing in the economy of Bangladesh by getting back the percentage of tuition fees as commission, paying the Govt. Taxes before depositing our remittance in our account. Still we remain far beyond the concentration of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, are ill-treated by the students, abused by the polices and local politics. Therefore, we have to raise our voice altogether under the umbrella of FACD-CAB for securing our rights accordingly. We are really lucky that we have an organization like FACD – CAB that is a platform, strength, unity as well as spokesman for all of us. But before claiming our necessary rights from the concerned authority, we have to give up the malpractices that always decade our reputation, acceptance, potentiality and also introduce us as human traffickers. Be a man, be a true consultant and stop working for non-potential students.

*Feroz E M Iqbal: The CEO of Eritra International, Dhaka

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