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Know more about the new Visa Code approved by Europe

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New Visa rules will now make entering the European Union easy for legitimate travelers. Also, more stringent security rules will ensure that the ones who do enter do not pose any threat. Europe has approved the new Visa Code aimed at fighting migration challenges. The new Visa Code will also ensure that it safeguards citizens’ security.

The new Visa Code was approved at a meeting of the Parliament of Europe’s Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs Committee.

Europe has always been open to trade, culture, development, research and innovation from all over the world. With the new Schengen Visa rules, it will be even more approachable to the ones who want to study, travel, or do business. At the same time, a strict message will be sent out to the nations who do not take back their citizens living illegally in Europe.

Cooperation between Europe and third countries is the most important aspect of the Visa Code. Under the new Code, a number of things will be kept in check while issuing short-term visas. This will include how a certain country accepts the return of its own nationals living unlawfully in Europe.

There are other changes incorporated in the new Visa Code which will make it easier for legitimate travellers to obtain a short-term visa. The visa process will be made faster and will use present day technological advances. The Code will also put in place harmonized rules for frequent travellers applying for multiple-entry visas.

Heinz Becker MEP, Spokesman of the EPP Group, said that the Visa Code would ensure that easier rules for travellers are not flouted to enter the continent illegally. He also said that a coordinated effort is required from all EU Member States to tackle migration challenges. It will be wrong to put the burden of issuing thousands of visas on embassies in the third countries. He also added that Humanitarian Visas should be at the discretion of the Member States, as per ABC News.


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