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Study Abroad Opportunities in UK

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Study Abroad in UK
Lot of Bangladeshi and international students are interested in taking higher education overseas.  There are many renowned universities in the world.

There are many opportunities in the United Kingdom for higher education. But in that case course must be proficient in English. The under graduate is generally asked for six points in IELTS. Seven points for medicine or special subjects.


Higher education costs in the UK, depending on various factors. First of all, where you will be admitted to any university, which course you study and in which city you will stay, etc. The cost of living is less than the cost of the university. If it goes away, it increases. However, according to the British Council sources, under-graduation costs about 800 thousand pounds per month.


There are more scholarships in the UK for postgraduates. There is less benefit for undergraduates than that. Good benefits are available in scholarships. If the semester results are better than the scholarship of the next semester is available. Apart from this, there is another type of scholarship in universities in the UK. If the parents are students of the university, the children get scholarship. Again, husband or wife or siblings go to any educational institute together, but they also have scholarships.

Part-time Jobs:

As well as studying in the UK, students have the opportunity to earn income through part-time work. But it is absolutely limited. A student can work 20 hours a part-time work every week. The main objective of education is to prevent this from happening. However, with Christmas and holidays you can work more time. Students in the UK usually work in different stores and restaurants. In some cases, they also find work opportunities in educational institutions or other educational institutions. In that case, work as a volunteer in different programs, as a library or as a teacher’s assistant.

Study Abroad in UK from Bangladesh and other countries. Study opportunities with scholarships in UK for Bangladeshi students.

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