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Study in China from Bangladesh with full free Scholarships

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Study in China from Bangladesh MBBS, Engineering with full free Scholarships at top Chinese Universities

China is the world’s fastest growing country. Chinese thinks there is no alternative to education for their personal, family and state development; For this reason they are putting maximum importance on education. In China, higher education institutions  offer courses in the field of global science technology, and especially all areas of industrialization. Due to this feature, Chinese higher education institutions are attracting a large number of foreign students.

Every year, a large number of Bangladeshi students going to China for higher studies in MBBS, Engineering, MBA, Hotel Management and other courses. The following topics have been highlighted about the activities of the students interested in taking a higher education at the Chinese University:

First thing to do

Chinese universities offer numerous programs for Bangladeshi and foreign students. So the first job of an interested student will be to make a short list of programs of his choice by knowing about the different universities and their programs on the Internet. Then he has to find the best universities in China. It is to be remembered that the higher the number of good universities, the better it is to apply, because it increases the chance of getting a student’s chance.

Application form

For the application, a student will need to download and fill the application form in his chosen university website. If the student wishes, he may request the application form to send the application form to the address of the university. The application form must be filled with utmost care and should not be scrambled. Every university takes a prescribed fee to process the application process. University fees vary from 380 yuan to 770 yuan. The application fee is to be paid in advance and its receipt has to be attached to the application form document.

The documents  requirements for Bangladeshi students and others

Chinese universities ask for certain documents with the application so that they can be sure of your eligibility from these documents. The papers that are sent along with the application are mentioned below:


-HSK Certificate (minimum band score for undergraduate program 4-6, 5-8 for Post Graduate Program) which will prove your skill in Chinese language.

-Applicants who are not English speakers must have the necessary scores for the TOEFL or IELTS and their certificates must be attached.

-To get admission in the MBA program, the GRE or GMAT score sheet should be attached.

-The need for a recommendation letter of two professors of the university, where all the details such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, will be mentioned.

-Candidate must connect a full biodata.

-Attested copy of bank solvency certificate.

-3 copies of recent passport size photographs to be attached.

-Photocopy of passport

-Receipt submission application fee

Study In China from Bangladesh. Study MBBS, Engineering, BBA, MBA, Hotel Management from Bangladesh. Scholarships in China For Bangladeshi students Available

Study Level:


Chinese universities have a 4-year undergraduate program. This program can be general education or technical education. Whether you will get a Bachelor’s Degree after this 4 year study, depending on which university or college you are admitted and what courses you are admitted in. It is important to keep in mind that admission to good quality Chinese universities is extremely difficult and rival.

Post Graduate

Many colleges and universities of China offer Master’s and PhD degrees to successful students at the Bachelor level. For a Master’s, a student has to study for 3 years and after studying for a PhD he has to study for 3 more years.

China’s student visa from Bangladesh

Receiving a student visa is a very important thing to study abroad. This is not the case with China. X (X) category visa is given as a student visa for foreign students in different types of visas issued by the Chinese government to foreigners. Any student who is going to study in China for 6 months or more will have to collect (X) visa from their nearest Chinese Embassies.

Study in China with scholarships from Bangladesh for potential students

Visa application

You must apply for a visa 1 month before the date of arrival in China. From the Counselor’s office, you will be asked to provide the necessary documents with the visa application form, which will prove your eligibility. The application form must be filled appropriately. Can not be scratched. If the candidate is below 18 years of age, his / her parent can sign for him. The application form must be submitted in person to the candidate of the Chinese Ambassador of his country or the nearest Consulate General’s office. In no way will the application be submitted by mail. If the candidate is unable to do so, then someone else will have to submit to him.

Documents Requirements

-Original passport (minimum 6 months validity)

-Fill the visa application form

-1 copies recent passport size photos

-Physical fitness certificates

-A copy of the “Visa Application Form for International Students” (JW201 or JW 202) issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education and a photocopy
-A photocopy of a letter of “Letter of Admission” and a photocopy from the university which will be admitted here.

-If you have never received a visa earlier, copy of the most recent visa.

-A cover letter from the student’s most educational institute.

-Photocopy of the “Personal Data Page” of the passport.

In this way, a student can be selected to take higher education in a good quality Chinese education institution by properly applying the above procedures.

Study in China from Bangladesh with scholarships for Bangladesh students for MBBS, Engineering, BBA, MBA, Hotel Management, Telecommunication, Health Science etc

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