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Study in Finland From Bangladesh with Scholarships

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Study in Finland from Bangladesh at to Finnish Universities with Scholarships in English Language at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Level For Bangladeshi Students. Finland Student visa from Bangladesh.

European life style and the combination of democracy in the Nordic region can be seen in Northern Europe, Finland. The main strength of the society here is equality. Sweden, Norway and Russia are neighboring countries of Finland. The Finnish government has always given importance to the education system. Because the country’s education system is world-class, there is no problem of skilled human resources for the high-tech industry. So Bangladeshi students can think to study in Finland from Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, students from outside of world-class education are also interested in studying Finland. Tuition fees are not available for study in the country.

There are two types of educational institutions in Finland for higher education. A University or University and the other is University of Applied Science, which is more known as the USS.

Two semester students are enrolled in Finnish educational institutions. These are:

-Autumn Semester: From August to December

-Spring Semester: January to July

Medium of education

Finland is the official language of Finnish and Swedish, and the language of most people is the language of the Finnish language. But English courses in the country’s educational institutions are compulsory because everyone in Finland is familiar with the English language. There are many courses in English language taught in the English language school. As a result, outside students can study the preference without knowing the Finnish language. It is possible to finish the study in the Finnish language without completely learning. But it is good to learn Finnish language while studying in Finland, to get closer to people in Finland and to work there at the end of the study. Almost all the universities there have a language center for learning Finnish and Swedish language.

Study in Finland Student Visa from Bangladesh for Bangladeshi Students

In most cases, a TOEFL or IELTS score is required to prove English proficiency in English universities and to study in the UAS. Different types of scores are being sought for different educational institutions and therefore the information related to the relevant university website should be known. In particular, you must be sure that the courses you are going to be admitted in English, Finnish or Swedish are taught in any language. Language prepation courses are not available in the educational institutions and there is no separate time for Language Preparation.
Admission without TOEFL and IELTS.

In addition to TOEFL and IELTS scores in English as a proof of skill, admission in few cases, especially in the previous course is English through education. Information related to this from the concerned educational institution.

Eligibility for higher education in Finland:

Different educational institutions have different qualifications, but some common rules can be said.

-If a student from outside wants to be admitted to higher education in Finland, the student will need a certificate of completing a study or course that qualifies for high school admission in his home country.

-Must have linguistic skills required for admission.

-Entrance Examination for graduation level admission will be required.

Admission in the Master’s level:

-Regarding admission in the Master’s level, the rules are very similar. However, most areas do not need to participate in the entrance exam.
-In the case of admission to the Masters course in the US or University of Applied Science, three years of work experience is required. The Master’s courses are mainly handled by professionals.

-At the end of the Master’s degree, doctoral / PhD level education and study courses can be applied for admission.

Due to different rules in different educational institutions, you will need to know more details from the website of the concerned educational institution.

The University of Finland has to take admission examinations for undergraduate level admission. In general, instead of the entrance examination for admission in the Master’s level, decisions were taken on the basis of student results in previous academic course. Many universities require a gymnot score.

Entrance Examination Type

Different entrance tests are taken for different subjects. Therefore, the type of entrance exam for admission to the engineering and nursing course must be different. It is a written test, but it may be necessary to create a portfolio in songs, plays, etc. and may even be invited for audition.

Study in Finland From Bangladesh with Scholarships to Study in the Top Universities

You can choose to study in Finland’s higher education institutions, from any of the following:

-History, Archeology, Comparative theology, Cultural anthropology, European Evolution, Folklore, Life philosophy, History of Artistry, Comparative literature, Finnish Literature and Culture, General linguistics, Hungarian language and culture, Phonetics, French Studies, Environmental Science, Russian Studies, Biochemistry and Chemical Biology, Computer Science, Forensic Medicine, Economy Statistics etc.

Application Process:

-You can contact the affiliation office of any university directly through the mail.

-The application may also be collected from the university’s website.

-Some universities have the opportunity to apply online.

-The activities related to admission process usually have to be started for 1 year.

-Usually the authorities make their decision within 6-8 months of the deadline for the application.


Documents Requirement for Bangladeshi Students:

-All educational qualification certificates and English version of Marxist

-Latest educational institution clearance

-Proof of language qualification

-Reference letter

-Photocopy of passport


All documents must be attested by a notary public.

Scholarships in Finland for Bangladeshi Students:
There are more Scholarship options for Bangladeshi students provided by the Government of Finland and other private organizations and universities.

Living expenses

Housings, meals and other accessories require monthly expenses of about 400 US dollars. Healthcare costs 25 to 75 dollars annually to pay.


Job opportunities in Finland for Bangladeshi Students:

-In Finland, university students get maximum work hours of 20 hours a week.

-If you do not know Finnish, Norwegian, Russian or Swedish, then working in Finland is really difficult.

Finland Student Visa for Bangladeshi Students. Study in Finland from Bangladesh to Study Bachelor, Masters and PhD in the top Universities Scholarships for Bangladeshi students

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