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Study in Japan from Bangladesh With Scholarships

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Study in Japan from Bangladesh with scholarships for Potential Bangladeshi students
Thousands Bangladeshi and foreign students are now studying in Japan, this huge demand for higher education in Japan is because the students in Japan can achieve the latest technology and knowledge, which has served as the main tool for the wonderful economic development of Japan in World War II. Starting from electronics to medicine, literature, business administration, there is a wide range of opportunities for Japanese universities to study. So, like other countries, a significant number of students are going to study in Japan every year from Bangladesh.

Education in Japan: Japan has the opportunity to study in five types of higher education. These are:-Graduate University

-Undergraduate University

-College of Technology

-Japanese Studies

-Professional Training School

Course duration:

-For most courses at the undergraduate level, the term is 4 years. But for 6 years in the field of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.
-Duration of post graduate course is 2 years.

-The course of the doctorate degree is 3 years. But in the case of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, its duration is 4 years.

Academic year

-Japanese Higher Education Institutes started the academic year from April, which ends in March.
-Generally, 1 academic year is divided into 2 semesters – from April to September and from October to March.

Study in Japan from Bangladesh with scholarships

Application Process for Admission:

-Firstly, the interested student has to apply to the university authorities so that he has to choose from his preferred university.
-Information about the application process and minimum eligibility will be available from the university’s website.
-At the beginning of the course, the application process must start at least 2/3 months before starting the classes.
-Students of Bangladesh will contact the concerned branch of Japan Embassy in Dhaka to apply for a study permit.

Educational Qualifications Requirements to study in Japan from Bangladesh:

-For admission to undergraduate level, a student must have a minimum of 12 years of schooling or higher secondary certificate.

-Must have at least 16 years of schooling for Master’s admission.

-Most Japanese Higher Education Institutes are taught in Japanese. So, if you want to go for study in Japan from Bangladesh, you must acquire Japanese language skills.
-To learn Japanese, Bangladeshi students can contact Japan Embassy in Bangladesh at Dhaka. Besides, Dhaka University also offers Japanese language courses for different duration.

In Japan University and other higher education institutions there are numerous studies. Among the important things are:

Subjects available to study in Japan from Bangladesh

Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry, Applied Physics, Biofarmicular Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Molecular Science, Business Administration, Marketing, Economics. International Relations, Law, Sociology, Management, Finance, MBA etc.

Application Process for Japan Student Visa from Bangladesh:

-Interested students will collect visa forms from Japan Embassy

-The time to collect the visa form must be accompanied by a passport. Only one form will be given against a passport.

-The application was accepted on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30 to 01:00 at the Embassy except for the holidays.

-All necessary documents must be attached with the application

-While submitting the application, a receipt is given to the candidate while interviewing is mentioned.

Documents Requirements:

-Passport (minimum 6 months validity)

-Pictures of two copies, size 3.5 × 4.5 (the photo should be taken in the last 6 months)

-Visa Application (Accurately Filled)

-Basic certificate of educational qualification (up to the latest degree from SSC; admission card for all candidates and complimentary letters, Bengali or English)

-Letter of Acceptance of the Japan Institute

-Certificate of Eligibility issued from the Japanese Ministry of Justice
-A cover letter describing the reasons for studying in Japan

-You must contact the Embassy to know whether any further documents will be required. This work must be done between 3:00 and 4:45 on the day the documents are submitted.

Interview Episode:

-Your interview will be taken between 9:30 am and 11:30 am on the date the receipt is received from the embassy.

-If you are unable to reach the embassy on a particular day, then you can come on any subsequent business day.

-All documents needed to be submitted during the interview. Otherwise interviews will not be taken.

Visa Payment:

-In the next working day, a general visa is granted.

-In some cases you may be asked to re-interview with some more papers.

-All other documents will be returned to you with the passport without the document provided along with Embassy.

Tuition Fees (Yearly)

-National Universities (For All Departments) Tuition Fees 713800 Yen

-For local public universities approximately 833133 to 995465 yen

-In Graduate schools, this fee is from 891469 to 1136492 yen.

Accommodations and Expenses:
Foreign students in Japan can live in 4 types of accommodation. These are:

-Student Dormitory

-Public housing allocated by local government agencies

-Staff dormitories of Japanese companies

-Private rental home

Study In Japan with scholarships from Bangladesh at top Japanese colleges and universities for Undergraduate, Masters and Post graduate for Potential students

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