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Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

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Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh with full free scholarships at top ranked Malaysian universities
Malaysia is now widely known not only in Asia, but as a developed country all over the world. Malaysia is considered as a model in the world on education, culture, science and technology. And so the world’s attention is now in the Asian country. Malaysia has made an unprecedented improvement in recent years in the field of education.

There are numerous advanced high education institutions spread across Malaysia. Students from different countries of the world, especially South and Southeast Asian and African countries, are going to Malaysia for higher education. There are also a significant number of students going to Malaysia every year from Bangladesh.

Higher education system in Malaysia

-High education arranged in 4 stages in Malaysia. These are:

-Diploma Course – 2 to 3 year period

-Undergraduate courses – 3 to 5 years of the term

-Post Graduate Course – 1 to 2 year term

-Doctoral (PhD) course – 3-5 years term

-Higher education system is based on semester. Every year the education year is divided into 3 semesters. Such as:

-1st Semester: January-April

-2nd Semester: May-August

-3rd semester: September-December

No Bank Statement or Solvency required for Bangladeshi students to study in Malaysia

Minimum educational qualification Requirements

-For the undergraduate course, a minimum of 12 years of education is of higher secondary equivalent

-Minimum 16 years of pre-graduate program for Bachelor Degree

-Minimum Higher Certificate for diploma course

-Post Graduate Degree and extensive research experience for Doctoral (PhD) courses.

Study in Malaysia with scholarships from Bangladesh

* Language qualification Requirements

Foreign students must have any of the following qualifications in English for undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Malaysia.

-TOEFL CBT SCORE 173 to 250

-TOEFL IBT SCORE 61 to 100

-IELTS (Academic) 6.0 to 7.0

The Subjects you can study in Malaysia

Many educational institutions in Malaysia are taught in numerous disciplines. Below are the typical topics for higher education in Malaysia:

-Business Management, Information Science and Technology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Modern Language and Communication, Pharmaceutical Science, Business Administration, Chartered Accountancy, Health Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry, Islamic Studies, Social Science and Humanities, Environmental Science, Design and Architecture

Some top ranked universities for Bangladeshi students to study in Malaysia

  • University Technology Malaysia
  • University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • University Utara Malaysia
  • University of Malaya
  • University Technical Malaysia Melaca
  • University Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman University
  • UCSL University
  • University of Kualalumpur
  • Malaysia Theological University
  • Panang Medical College
  • Wawsan Open University
  • University Technology Petronas
  • Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Al-Madinah International University

Application process for study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

-Interested foreign students must first prepare a list of their favorite Universities from the Internet. After this, he should know that he wants to be admitted to the department when the time limit for admission to the division of certain universities exists.

-Entry to the admission office will be written directly for admission information and application form.

-The direct application form can also be downloaded from the university’s website. Some universities have online application process.

-From the admission office you will get all information related to the application form, transcript and required documents.

-You need to apply for “student pass” in higher education institutions.

-You will apply to the “Head of the Director, Pass and Permit Department” of your preferred educational institution, Immigration Headquarters.

-Immigration authorities will notify the concerned educational institution within 1 month of the application.

-In order to collect all the necessary documents and information, you have to start the preparation for at least 6 months.

-Processing of the application, “Student pass” approval and visa issue etc. Everything is done from Malaysia.

Necessary documents requirements for Bangladeshi students

-Properly filled application

-English Transcript of all educational qualifications (and marksheets)

-School / College Leave Certificate

-Result sheets of TOEFL or IELTS test

-Photocopy of passport

-Application fee payment certificates
-Security / Personal bond Payment Certificate

-Student pass visa documents for visa payment


Education expenditure:

-Tuition fees at undergraduate level in Malaysian public / private universities are 8821 USD to $ 17642 (total)

-Master’s spending will cost from 5586 USD to $ 10,91 USD (total)

-For the doctoral degree, the cost will be 8821 USD to 1091 USD.


The cost of living

-The average annual living cost of a foreign student in Malaysia is 2700 to 3000 USD.


Health insurance

Foreign students who are studying in Malaysia must have adequate health and travel insurance.

For every semester, the cost of insurance is 30 USD

Other useful information:

Study in Malaysia with full Scholarships from Bangladesh for Bangladeshi potential students

Job opportunities in Malaysia for Bangladeshi students:

In Malaysia, a foreign student can apply for work permit after starting their full-time education. A student semester gets permission to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week on holidays or extra for a period of 7 days. It is not possible to earn the tuition fees or living expenses by working on the campus that can be earned. A student interested in working must have “student pass”.

In cases where work is available:

In Malaysia, foreign students can work in restaurants, petrol pumps, mini markets and hotels. It is possible to earn from 300 to 750 USD monthly.


Visa Application:

In high school students in Malaysia, you will need to contact the Malaysian Embassy in Dhaka for “student pass”. You have to apply for a visa in the process indicated by the embassy. However, visas will be issued from Malaysia.

Malaysian High Commission In Bangladesh:
High Commission of Malaysia
House No; 19, Road No: 06
Baridhara, Dhaka

Study in Malaysia at top ranked universities from Bangladesh with full free scholarships at affordable cost and other information for Bangladeshi students

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