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The Top 10 Most Affordable UK Universities for International Students

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Several UK Universities and Colleges offer affordable Degree programs to overseas students. A list of most affordable UK Universities has been compiled by UK Uni. Each of the enlisted University offers high-quality facilities and infrastructure to students. They also have an amazing campus.

Pursuing higher education in the UK requires careful planning of finances. The UK is renowned globally for its high academic standards and prestigious Universities.

Overseas students can impress their prospective employers with a UK degree on their CV. They can also expand their future prospects.

An overseas qualification is now most sought after among students globally. They can get global recognition with their international qualification. The UK Uni has conducted comprehensive research and listed the Top 10 Most Affordable UK Universities:

Sl. No UK University Average yearly tuition fee
1. Buckinghamshire New University £9,500
2. University College Birmingham £10,000
3. Teesside University £10,250
4. Staffordshire University £10,500
5. University of Cumbria £10,500
6. Harper Adams University College £11,000
7. Leeds Trinity University £11,000
8. University of Bolton £11,000
9. York St John University £11,000
10. Coventry University £11,200

1. Buckinghamshire New University:

The University is based on 2 campuses in Uxbridge and High Wycombe. Both the campuses are situated having easy access to several attractions offered by Central London. The average yearly tuition fees are £9,500.

2. University College Birmingham:

The University offers on-campus accommodation facility to its students. This is along with Spa and Sports Therapy, Cake and Bake Shops, and Restaurants. University College Birmingham aims to enhance the campus experience for students to make it an unforgettable one. The average yearly tuition fees are £10,000.

3. Teesside University: 

The University has recently invested around £200 million pounds to refurbish one of its campuses. Teesside University is situated at Middlesbrough. It is committed to offering world-class facilities to students along with fostering creativity and innovation. The average yearly tuition fees are £10,250.

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