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About IELTS Test Bangladesh

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IELTS Test Bangladesh

IELTS Test is taken in Bangladesh by the British Council and  IDP Australia

What is IELTS:
IELTS is a certificate of expertise in English, which is internationally recognized. IELTS (The International English Language Testing System. Many of those whose mother language is not English have to have good IELTS scores for higher education or visa applications.

There are two types of IELTS examinations, ‘academic’ and ‘general’. Candidates willing to go abroad for higher studies have to take part in the ‘Academic IELTS’ test. Anyone can take part in this examination. There is no educational qualification for this.Official site:

IELTS Test Bangladesh

Acceptance worldwide
According to the University of Cambridge sources, more than 14 lakh students and professionals took part in the IELTS exams for higher studies and job opportunities every year. Sources from British Council Bangladesh said that besides higher education, many countries, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, have mandatory IELTS scores for immigration. IELTS is much better than International TOEFL in case of acceptance.

Test management 
The IELTS test is conducted by the University of Cambridge, British Council and IDP Australia jointly. The University of Cambridge, though the policy-makers of this examination, are playing the vital role of conducting tests in the world and delivering information to the students, BRITISH COUNCIL and IDP Australia The same question paper and uniform rules are conducted all over the world.

Some wrong ideas
Many think that the IELTS is a very difficult test. In fact it is wrong idea. According to the British Council sources, good score possible in this examination, even if it is fairly efficient in English. Although the IELTS test conducted in India, in the UK and Australia, there is no exception in Bangladesh.

IELTS score scale:
IELTS scores start from 1 to 9. Recognizing scores –
01. Band 9 skilled users
02 Band 8 is very good user
03. Band 7 good user
04. Band 6 enough users
05. Band 5 standard users
06. Band 4 restricted users
07. Band 3 overly limited users
08. Band 2 is not a user

The band who failed to communicate or those who failed to communicate    The band did not participate in the test / did not answer

IELTS Test Bangladesh Information for Bangladeshi Students who want to study in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other English speaking countries

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