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IELTS Test Method for Bangladeshi Students

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IELTS Test method
IELTS tests are offered in two modules. Academic and General Training. Bangladeshi Students have to sit for the academic module to study undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD level. To take part in any technical issues or training, the general training module is usually to be examined. Apart from this, admission to secondary school and for immigration will be examined in the General Training module.Before you go to the IELTS Examination, you need to know the test in which module you should take part. The difference in two methods is very little. In the IELTS exam, there are four types of modules in two types. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The ability to understand the conversation is verified in this part. There are a total of 40 questions in four sections. You will be handed a passage in English, and the question papers, in front of you, will be answered on the basis of those listening, what is meant is the audio tape. It is a fairly 30-minute test. In the last 10 minutes the answer to the answer sheet is to write.One topic is heard only once. If you do not understand any part of the story, it is better to not get hurt with it or not. Because, there is a risk of not understanding the answers to the next questions. There may be many types of questions, such as choosing the right answer, short answer, and so on.

According to most students it seems difficult in all parts of the IELTS. Here are three sections to answer 40 questions. Time one hour. Ability to read a passage is a test. You will be given a huge three-four paragraph, from which you will have to give a very simple answer. But you can not easily get those simple answers, unless you understand the passage correctly. If you understand the passage you will have to spend a lot of time, and then the rest of the passage will decrease. In this way, this simple test becomes difficult for all the testers.That is, if you leave without knowing some techniques in this test, then you cannot cope with the time, no matter how confident you are? English medium students can be exceptions in this regard. Here too there will be questions about the sentence, short answer, finding the right answer, etc. Strain the important parts during reading. The answer will be the advantage to find.

IELTS Test Bangladesh is conducted by British Council and IDP Australia

Here you will be verified how much you can use imagination to write and write on one subject. You have to answer two questions in an hour. The second question is two times more than the first question. For this reason, you can write the answer to the second question in the beginning. The first question can be given at least 20 minutes.At least 150 words will have to answer. You can take 40 minutes to answer the second question. At least 250 words will be written. There is no harm if the number of words is a little higher. But if the number is less than the number will be reduced. The first question is usually a chart, diagram. From this, to write analytical answer. The second question is usually to present an opinion or argument against a subject.

IELTS Test Bangladesh, Method for Bangladeshi students

There is no writing here. You have to go to the test venue (usually British Council) on certain days. You have to sit in front of two or three examiners. They will ask you questions in English in various ways, you will have to answer. There are 11-to-14-minute tests in three parts. In the first part, the tester is asked a few general questions, such as family, study, work, friend etc.Four to five minutes have to answer. The second part is to talk about a specific subject and two minutes. Earlier, a minute is given for thinking. In the third part, for four to five minutes, the speaker has to speak in a specific topic.  Examples: Suppose, you have visited a Pharmaceutical company.

IELTS Test Method Information for Bangladeshi students who want to study in USA, UK, Australia, Canada New Zealand and other English Speaking Counties

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