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IELTS Test Requirements for Higher Study Abroad

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IELTS Test Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

Internationally recognized IELTS test is English language proficiency test for Bangladeshi Students who want to pursue Higher Study in UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK.

The full meaning is International English Language Testing System.  Those who want to study or work in different countries of the world can take IELTS examinations to prove their skills on English language. There it increases their acceptance.

You will need IELTS scores if you want to go to study or employment in many other countries of the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand. Earlier, IELTS scores were only accepted in European countries. But now almost three thousand universities and colleges in the United States and many Canadian universities take IELTS scores. Anyone can participate in this exam. There is no age restriction for this, no educational qualification is required. The British Council is one of the organizations that run the IELTS test in Bangladesh.

IELTS test can be done in the Academic and General Training module. Academic module can be offered by graduate, postgraduate or PhD level students. If a student wants to be admitted to technical subjects or training, he or she should take the examination in the General Training module. In addition to those who want to go for immigration, they will have to be examined in the General Training module. Before IELTS test, students should be asked to take a test in any module. There are four types of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking – in two types of modules in the IELTS test. The details of these are given below.

IELTS Test Bangladesh for Study Abroad

Listening: The ability to understand the conversation is verified in this part. There are 40 questions. The test will be done in four parts in 30 minutes. Speakers, conversations, etc. are being played on the subject of the testers. Part of the question is to answer the questions. One topic is heard only once.

Writing: The ability of the tester to write in English is verified. During this phase, the time allocation is one hour. Candidates of the academic department have to write their answers in the diagram, and the candidates of the General Department have to write articles on specific topics. So before examining, find out which module is applicable to you.

Reading: There are 40 questions in three sections. Time one hour Some parts from many journals, books, newspapers, magazines will be released. From there, the sentence will be filled, short answer, find the right answer, etc.
To say:There are three to 11-to-14-minute tests in three parts. In the first part, the tester is asked a few general questions, such as: family, study, work, friend etc. The second part is to talk about a specific subject and two minutes. In the third part, for four to five minutes, the speaker has to speak in a specific topic.
Score:IELTS scores are given on a scale of one to nine. The final scores are given by adding scores separately in four parts. If you want to get admired in a good university, it is usually seven to seven to seven. But fewer than six and a few students take it to the university.

IELTS Test Bangladesh Information for Bangladeshi students

Where, how to test: IELTS examinations are conducted in Bangladesh by the British Council and IDP in Bangladesh. Generally three tests are conducted every month. You can know the date of the test on the website or by phone. Exam results published in two weeks. The examination fee is now 13 thousand 800 taka. To get the test, recent passport and two copies of a passport size color picture. IELTS scores are for two years.

By sitting at home, the forms can be submitted online deposited fees forms in certain branches of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet Standard Chartered Bank. On the British Council website, you will be able to see the money in any branch. You will be informed via SMS that your test time, place, registration number etc. Copy the printed form online and keep a collection of deposits in the bank, they can be useful later on.

IELTS Test Bangladesh Requirements for Bangladeshi Students For Study Abroad in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand

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