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Int’l Education Summit & Expo 2023 begins tomorrow (16 February)

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A two-day Internationalt Education Summit & Expo 2023 (IESE) is going to be held in Dhaka on 16 – 17 February at Shimanto Convention Center. Shimanto (Rifles) Square Dhanmondi.Dhaka.

Students will get 10 percent to 100 percent scholarship during this Expo.

The goal of the International Education Summit and Expo (IESE) 2023 is to attract a large number of Bangladeshi students who are interested in pursuing further studies abroad.

This is organized by SS Business Corporation Ltd and spported bythe Spanish edu-organization Gestion Educativa Consultores, alsoLearn & Study Germany.

Around fifty university outlets from Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA will make available all necessary information to our students. This is how students will draw benefits out of this education summit


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