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SAT Test Bangladesh Information Preparation, Registration

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SAT Test Bangladesh
SAT Test Preparation, Registration Guideline for Bangladeshi students who want to study in USA and Canada at Top Universities

What is SAT
The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), an important requirement to be admitted to undergraduate programs at various colleges and universities in North America. Its management and ownership is governed by college board and its publication, development and quality assessed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

SATs are required for admission into undergraduate programs at various reputed public universities in the United States and Canada. According to the rules introduced since 2005, 3 hours 45 minutes duration for the SAT exam. It is divided into two parts. For example – SAT-1 and SAT-2 Seat time is set seven times a year. October, November, December, January, March or April, May and June.

Test method

There are three parts in the Sat-1 exam. Such as: Critical reading or reading, math and writing.

SAT Test Bangladesh Information About Preparation, Registration for Bangladeshi students

Critical reading or reading

Critical readings and reading tests are taken in three sections. In it, for 25 minutes, two divisions and 20 minutes for a division are scheduled. Various types of questions include questions about the termination and short, big passages.

Completion of sentences usually involves questions related to students’ vocabulary, syntax, understanding ability, and syntax with correct words. The questions in question get going from time to time easily.

This section is known as the Calculation Section. The candidates can use graphing calculators during the math test. The section is divided into three sections: The method of finding the right answer for the first, second, third part of the third part. Here are 25 minutes in two sections and 20 minutes in the third division.

You will find out the correct answers in this section among Questions and Paragraph Promotion Questions. There will be some wrong questions, by giving the correct answer, your general knowledge will be verified. Apart from this, the composition should be written within 25 minutes. Compositions can also be written from education and social experiences of your age or career.

SAT Test Preparation, Registration information for Bangladeshi students


Students who are interested in studying science and engineering subjects need Sat-2. According to the American Center, ‘There are many universities abroad, who help economically students. Which we know as scholarship or funding. This scholarship can easily be found by anyone. For this, he will have to sit on Sat-1 as well as the Sat-2 test. SAT-2 subject related tests.


There are eight things in it. Among the subjects – Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Students will choose two or three subjects of their choice and test for them. Examination of Sat-1 and Sat-2 are taken in paper and pen. There is no system to test through computer. Exam of every subject is for 1.00 hour.

SAT Test Preparation, Registration Information for Bangladeshi Students


To participate in this examination, it is necessary to start taking preparations for at least 12 to 18 months in advance.

Studies have to be done by reading, writing, and listening to more and more English at home.

The English vocabulary would be strong enough for the SAT exam. For this, you must learn new words every day and practice it.

More attention should be paid to mathematics.

The American Center offers a Mock test. You can take part in the Mock Test by getting the membership of the American Center for welding the preparation.

If you do not have the necessary books in your collection, you can go to the American Center Library. Books are sold in the library.

SAT Test Registration

Those who have international credit cards can register online without hassle. Online registrars can be done from six months to one week before the examination.

Besides, bank drafts can be registered through any bank executing foreign currency exchange.

SAT-1 registration fee 71 dollars

-The registration fee of SET-2 is determined based on the selected subject. One thing is 55 dollars, two issues are 64 dollars and three issues are 73 dollars.

-Candidates must have a valid passport.


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SAT Test Bangladesh Information about preparation, registration for Bangladeshi students who want to study in USA and Canada in top universities

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