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Study in Canada from Bangladesh – Visa and Scholarships

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Study in Canada from Bangladesh. Canada student visa from Bangladesh
Canada is one of the most preferable countries of the young generation for higher education. Degree from Canadian universities equivalent to the United States and Commonwealth countries, and degrees from Canadian educational institutions across the world are well recognized. Degree of Canada’s universities is comparable to the world’s first-rate countries, but in most cases international students have less tuition fees and costs than the United States and Britain.

Canada is always on top of the list of the most livable countries in the United Nations. International students who are studying in Canada also enjoy freedom of Liberty, Human Rights, Equality etc. Most of the world’s ethnic groups have representation in Canada.

Study in Canada from Bangladesh at Top Canadian Universities

Therefore, people from any part of the world can be in touch with their own food and culture, and the Student Advisers of international students also help in connecting with such organizations. English and French are used in Canadian education programs, as well as studying here as well as learning how to improve linguistic skills.

The educational institutions of the country are autonomous though government. Therefore, if you offer any courses, you can be sure that they have the infrastructure to do the course. Most of Canada’s educational institutions are centrally controlled through a provincial board.

Courses in Canadian universities are divided into two levels. An undergraduate or bachelor’s degree, and another postgraduate. Masters and PhD are seen as part of postgraduate level.

Canadian universities are divided into three semesters:

  1. Fall Semester, September-December
  2. Winter, January-April
  3. Summer, May-August

Accommodation and expenses:

Canadian universities have the same accommodation as the University Hall of Bangladesh. There they are called dorm. While staying at Dorm is expensive, trouble can be avoided. However, renting out the campus house can be shared. The cost will be very low. Students can also reduce the cost by sharing the phone over the internet. Meanwhile, students from many provinces, including Alberta Province of Canada, can travel on a free bus. There will be 7 to 13 thousand Canadian dollars a year to eat.

Canadian Student visa for Bangladeshi students

University selection

Canadian universities have different types of tuition fees. Generally, the costs of low-cost city universities are low, but because of being a small town, there is less employment opportunities.

Some universities do not give scholarships to international students again. Therefore, if the scholarship hopes these universities should be avoided.

Scholarships in Canada for Bangladeshi students

And like all countries, the Canadian government also offers various types of scholarships for Bangladeshi and  international students. Some scholarships are for Canadian nationals, and for some scholars international students have the right to apply. However, it is not possible to ensure that the students of Bangladesh can apply in international scholarship. Some scholarships are only given to Latin American countries, some scholarships for Caribbean countries, and for some scholars all students of the country are given the opportunity to apply. Some scholarships are also applicable to students from both Canada and Canada outside Canada. So if you hope to get a scholarship to study in Canada, you will need to do a little bit of research. For the selection of universities, it should be kept in mind that what kind of scholarship is available in the university. Of course, these scholarships have to  study in competition.

Canada Student Visa from Bangladesh with scholarships

How to Apply to Universities:

-For further information on the organization’s admission office, please mail them directly,

-You can also collect application form from the university’s website,

Some universities have the opportunity to apply online,

-From the admissions office, you will find all the information you need, such as the necessary documents, necessary documents for visa, etc.,

The activities related to the admission process usually start at 1 year in hand,

-Usually the decision of the organization is made within 6-8 months of the deadline for the application deadline.

For PhD, full-time research is done for 3 years.

Canada student visa from Bangladesh Requirements, Scholarships and Job Opportunities

Subjects to study in Canada
Bangladeshi students can study in Canada the following subjects:
Computer Science, Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Medical Science, Information Management, Agricultural economy, Civil engineering, History and religion, English Literature and others


Documents requirements for Canada student visa form Bangladesh

To get admission in Canada, a student must collect the following papers:

-Filled Application Form

-Receipt of money order / application fee submission

-The English version of Photocopy of Certificate of Educational Qualification and Marksheet

-Educational institution clearance

-Score sheets of TOEFL or IELTS

-SAT, GRE, G Matt, (subject to demand) score sheet

-Guarantee of financial solvency (sponsored by)

-Photocopy of passport

Education Expenses:
Education expenses for Bangladeshi students to study in Canada from Bangladesh.

Different types of education cost of different universities are different. However, at the undergraduate level, the average expenditure of students is 6,000 Canadian dollars and $ 17,000. And at the graduate level, it can cost up to $ 6,000 to $ 30,000.


Living expenses
Students needs around 11,000 to 14,000 dollars for the year’s food and other expenses to study in Canada from Bangladesh.

Opportunity to work:

Students studying in Canada get 20 hours of work permit outside the study week, which is effective till their student visa expires.

More information to Study in Canada from Bangladesh-

Canada or immigration after the end of study

According to the Canadian regulations, if there is a work experience and if someone has a certificate from Canada, then students can also get the chance to stay in Canada after completing their studies.

Canada student visa application from Bangladesh
For Canada visa process Bangladeshi students can Contact Canadian High Commission in Dhaka
High Commission of Canada
United Nations Road,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone Number.: +880 2 988 7091 to 988 7097
Fax: +880 2 882 3043 & +880 2 882 6585
Official Website –

Canada student visa from Bangladesh, university admission and visa requirements information for Bangladeshi students.

Student visa from Bangladesh in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, France, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic etc.

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