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Study in Poland from Bangladesh with Scholarship

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Study in Poland from Bangladesh at to Polish Universities with Scholarship in English Language at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Level. Poland Student visa from Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi students who want to go abroad for higher education can also choose Poland in the center of Europe. The country’s education costs are relatively low. In addition to the Polish language, there is also a learning opportunity in English language. But knowing the Polish language has many advantages. Almost all the universities of the country have the category of ‘School of Polish Language and Culture’, where foreign students get opportunity to lean Polish Language.

There are some higher institutes outside of the university-level education in Poland where vocational courses are conducted in different areas and practical exercises are also made for job placement. So you can think to study in Poland from Bangladesh at low cost with scholarship opportunity.

Education System in Poland:
In Poland there are currently both public and private educational institutions in the field of higher education. There are mainly 4 educational levels in Poland.

A student’s education in Poland begins with the primary and secondary education phase; this phase is for 12/13 years. Students can also go to Higher Education step. The course of the Higher Education course is Licenjet or Engineer and it takes 3/4 years to complete this step. Then begins the professional title award, which is called a magician course and this step is valid for two years.

Poland’s educational institutions are also divided into some categories- 1. University, 2. Technical University, 3. Medical Academy, 4. Agricultural Academy, 5. Economical Academy, 6. Higher Teachers Educational School, 7. Academy of Music, Fine Arts, Theater and Cinematography, 8. Academy of Physical Education, 9. Theological academy, 10. Marine Academy, 11. Military School, 12. School of Police, 13. State School of Higher Vocational Education, 14. Non Public School, 15. Non State School of Higher Vocational Education.

Courses to study:
Bangladeshi students can study in Poland various subjects, such as Musical education, photos, film and TV cameras, etc. are the most ideal in Poland, but higher education can be achieved even in other exciting subjects. Such as Journalism and Social Communications, Interior Design, Art Education, Economics, Administration, Medical Analysis, Engineering, including Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Geography, Informatics, Forestry, Law, Nursing, Theology, Food Technology and Human Nutrition, Agriculture and Forest Technology, Dentistry, Archeology, Ethnology, Art History, Cultural Studies, Cultural Heritage Protection, Paper and Polygraph.

Medium of Studies:
Polish is the official language of Poland, but Bangladeshi students have the opportunity to study in English and German language. However, most of the institutions teach  in Polish. So foreign students must be proficient in the Polish language and show them the skillful evidence in the educational institution. Otherwise there will be very good skills in English.

Study Cost:
Foreign and Bangladeshi students typically need to spend 2000 euro a year to study in Poland. Apart from this, there is cost of living-eating to study in Poland. So you can think of Poland student visa from Bangladesh to obtain a degree that recognized internationally.

Job opportunities:
The Polish government gives foreign and Bangladeshi students the opportunity to work part-time for 10 hours a week to study in the country. And there is a chance to do full-time work on the summer holidays in June to August. There are more job opportunities available in public and busy cities here. Experiences in Polish and English help to work at restaurants, shops and shopping malls at 8-12 euros per hour.

Application Process:
If you have the necessary qualifications for admission in Poland’s educational institutions, such as HSC or equivalent side, training of the skills, in some cases, health fitness, etc., you can send direct admission application to the educational institution. Scholarship in Poland for Bangladeshi students.

Scholarship in Poland for Bangladeshi Students:
Various universities and institutions of Poland offer scholarships to Bangladeshi and foreign students. Students get usually 200 to 300 euro as scholarship. The Polinsky Scholarship Fund is one of the most paid scholarships here.

Visa application in Delhi:
There is a Consulate office of Poland in Bangladesh but no Embassy. Bangladeshi students need to apply for Polish student visa in the Embassy of Poland in New Delhi, India.

Poland student visa from Bangladesh to study in Poland with scholarship at top Polish universities at Undergraduate, masters and PhD level.

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