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Study in Turkey from Bangladesh with Scholarships

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Study in Turkey from Bangladesh with Scholarships at Turkish top Universities at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Level
Every year, a large number of Europe and Asia are going to one of Europe’s Muslim countries in Turkey. Even though the comparatively low tuition fee, the universities of Turkey are teaching of international standard. In Turkey, there is a chance to study about all the needs.

Find out the admission application and necessary information from the desired university’s website. You must collect the ‘International Student Examination’ form online. Then the application will be sent in the direction indicated. English is the medium of education in most of the universities of Turkey.

Turkey is now a economically good country in many countries of Europe. Turkey’s position is in the middle of Europe and Asia. Besides, for those who want to stay in Muslim culture, living in a Muslim life, Turkey is one of the countries where you will live permanently and get peace. There is no problem for people of other religions.
Study in Turkey with full schokarship

Higher Education System in Turkey:
Currently, Turkey’s education system recognizes equality of education in many countries of the world. Turkey’s higher education system is much better than many European Union countries. Turkey’s education system, especially in medical and engineering , is very standard. Apart from this, because the country is in Asia-Europe, there is a lot of importance in international relations, public administration, or other fields of social sciences, including political science.

In addition to this, the history of ancient Central-Anatolia or Constantinople in this country has a real and rich education system in general history, history of Islam and archeology. Because all the Turkish universities are included in the European Union, students get the opportunity to study at European Union universities of different countries under Erasmus Mundus.

Scholarship in Turkey for Bangladeshi Students:
Study in Turkey from Bangladesh with Scholarship. There are two types of opportunities for Bangladeshi and foreign students to study in Turkey. First, under the scholarship; Secondly, at own cost. The Turkish government provides scholarships to more than five thousand foreign students every year. Apart from this, various social and charitable organizations allow students from different Bangladesh and other countries to study in Turkey. Various private universities offer full or partial scholarships. Scholarships to study in Turkey from Bangladesh

Turkish government scholarships are open to all students of the world. Especially for Bangladeshi students, this scholarship is much easier than other countries and is also much better than the opportunities. The Turkish government offers scholarships to 60-70 Bangladeshi students at different levels. Besides, the number of scholarships is increasing every year. Online application for online scholarship in February-April is to be done.

Some categories of Scholarships. Such as:

  1. Honors, Masters and PhD.
  2. Higher research program.
  3. Sport and culture.
  4. Scholarship from ninth grade for madrassa students

Benefits from Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students:
The Turkish government Scholarships provide the following facilities to Bangladeshi and foreign students:

  1. All the expenses of the University including Tuition fee
  2. Accommodation and foods are in Government dormitories, which are completely free.
  3. Free health insurance and free medical care.
  4. One year Turkish language course is completely free of charge.
  5. Monthly Allowance (Honors 250 dollars, $ 360 for Masters and PhD 500 dollars, 1000 USD for higher research)
  6. Free-air tickets for flights.
  7. Opportunity to work in part time. Has started from this year.

Ability to apply

  1. The highest age limit for honors is 21 years, maximum 30 years for the Master, maximum 35 years for PhD.
  2. Students studying at any university in Turkey are not eligible to apply for
  3. If you want to study through English you will need IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, GMAT Scores.

4. Students are selected based on two qualifications primarily for this scholarship.


Firstly, academic result. That means SSC / equivalent for Honors and 70% marks in HSC / equivalent examination (90% for Medical) and 75% marks in Honors and Masters for Masters-PhD

Secondly, extra curriculum activities. That is, involvement with various national-international organizations, including social, cultural, economic, academic, ie involvement in this field is important. Apart from participating in various national-international symposium-seminars or participating in the workshop, it plays an important role in the application. Study in Turkey from Bangladesh

Documents requirements:

  1. Passport / National ID Card / Birth Certificate (translated into English) Scanned copy.
  2. Recent passport size photos.
  3. All academic certificates.
  4. All academic mark sheets
  5. Two reference letters. In this case, it is better to be the departmental chairman and professor of the university.
  6. Extra Curriculum Activities All certificates.
  7. If the publication is mentioned then.


Scholarship information online

Turkish government’s Ministry of Education gives scholarships to foreign students every year. After declaring the scholarship, the notice of the scholarship is being published in the website of the Ministry of Education ( In addition to the private sector organizations and, Islamic Development Bank (IDB) provides scholarships for higher education in Bangladeshi students in Turkey. The details of the scholarship on the IDB site ( can be known.

How to Apply Online

Visit on their website and click on the online application form to complete it, create an account in your name,

Then do it to upload the necessary documents. This kind of online application does not end in one day. This means that if you open your account, you will be able to log in, all of them are stored there for a while. Finally, I’m submitting. Of course, you can take help of anyone.

Where to apply for a visa

After the admission application, the applicant has to apply for a visa with the offer letter from the university. To apply for a student visa, the relevant documents and ‘offer letter’ ie ‘offer letter’ will  have to submit. Applicants should apply with necessary documents at this address at Turkey Embassy, ​​House-14, Road -11, Baridhara, Dhaka. Phone: 028822198

Study Cost in Turkey for Bangladeshi and foreign students:

International students do not have to spend more money to study in Turkey like other countries. If you want to study in English under the bachelor level, you will have to spend 450 to 500 USD in a year. But if you study in Turkish, the bachelor’s level will cost from 240 to 750 US dollars.

If you want to study through English in the master, you will have to calculate 600 to 900 dollars per year. On the other hand, in the Turkish language, there are 300 to 600 dollars. Although the tuition fee is low, the cost of living and eating is a little more. Each month there is an additional cost of 300-400 US dollars for food and accommodation.

Generally, the universities authorities do not do not give permission to work as well as study. However, some universities have limited work permit for a limited time.


Bangladeshi students can study in the following universities

Ataturk University (

Ankara University (

Belkent University (

Anadlu University (

Istanbul University (

Istanbul Technical University (

Izmir Institute of Technology (

Visit this site: for more details

Study in Turkey with full free scholarships at top Turkish universities at Undergraduate, Masters and Post Graduate level for Bangladesh Students

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